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Cinematic Sound Effects Pack / 30 Essential Sound Effects

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- Bass Drop with Flutter.wav
- Bass Drop.wav
- Braams v2.wav
- Braams.wav
- Creepy Drone.wav
- Deep Hit.wav
- Epic Hit v1.wav
- Epic Hit v2.wav
- Epic Hit v3.wav
- Flutter (Dry).wav
- Flutter (Reverb).wav
- Hollywood Hit v1.wav
- Hollywood Hit v2.wav
- Hollywood Hit v3.wav
- Massive Impact v1.wav
- Massive Impact v2.wav
- Massive Impact v3.wav
- Melodic Hit (High).wav
- Melodic Hit (Low).wav
- Reverse Tension (Medium Dry).wav
- Reverse Tension (Medium Reverb).wav
- Reverse Tension (Short Dry).wav
- Reverse Tension (Short Reverb).wav
- Riser (Long).wav
- Riser (Short).wav
- SciFi Atmos.wav
- Whoosh (Low).wav
- Whoosh (Short Reverb).wav
- Wind Atmos v1.wav
- Wind Atmos v2.wav

Are you a content creator who's tired of spending hours searching for the perfect sound effects and music tracks? Have you been looking for a way to speed up your sound design workflow without breaking the bank? If so, then our 30 Essential Sound Effects for Cinematic Sound Design pack is just what you need.

Our new 30 Essential Sound Effects for Cinematic Sound Design pack is an instant digital download with everything you need for creating professional-level audio. The WAV format files (48kHz, 24Bit) are compatible with any major editing platform, and it's all free!

The pack includes 30 professionally mastered original sound effects and music tracks. From bass drops and flutters to epic hits and Hollywood hits – you'll have the perfect sound for your projects. There are also creepy drones, deep hits, melodic hits, reverse tensions, risers, SciFi atmos, whooshes, and wind atmos.

We know you're going to love this sound effects pack – so why not give it a try for free today? It's the perfect way to take your projects to the next level without breaking the bank. Download your free pack today and start creating fantastic audio. Happy editing!

As a video editor, filmmaker, or YouTube content creator, you know that good sound design is crucial to the success of your projects. But with so many different sound effects and techniques to consider, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out where to start.

But finding the right sound effects can be a time-consuming and tedious process, which is where's free sound effects pack comes in.

Our sound effects pack is specifically designed for video editors, filmmakers, and YouTube content creators who want to improve the audio of their projects without spending hours hunting for the perfect sounds. This pack gives you access to a wide range of professional-grade sounds that are perfect for use in films, videos, and other audio projects. 

But the benefits of our sound effects pack don't stop there. In addition to providing high-quality sounds that will elevate your projects' audio, our pack is also designed to save you time. With a wide range of sounds to choose from, you'll be able to quickly and easily find the sounds you need, without having to spend hours searching through individual sound effects libraries.

This means that you can focus on the creative aspects of your project rather than getting bogged down by the technical details.

So why wait? Start using high-quality sound effects in your projects today and speed up your sound design workflow with's free sound effects pack. Head to our website now to download your free pack and take your audio to the next level!

Inspire your audience.

How many hours have you used searching for sound effects?

Do you need a more reliable and faster way to create a solid soundscape for your videos? Imagine yourself getting inspired while scrolling through your sound effects library... 

30 essential sound effects for cinematic sound design. All our sound effects are easy to use, and drag & drop files that you can use with any editing software.

Speed up your workflow and add deep emotions and textures to your next project with inspiring sound effects, sound beds, and atmospheric soundscapes made by award-winning sound designers.

Enhance your story with big massive hits, whooshes, sound beds, deep drones, dark atmospheres, and evoke and inspire your audience.

Made for content creators that need to get inspired when working with sound. Dive right into your next video edit with a solid sound library that helps you to get started fast.

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