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Braam Sound Effect - Free Sound Effect

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Add instant cinematic sound to your production with this epic braams sound effect.

What is a Braam?

Essentially it is a mega-powerful “horn-like” sound that blasts with a long sustain and screaming “Listen to me, I am important!”. You can think of a Braam sound as a mix between huge brass instruments playing at high dynamics, and a big cruise ship horn sound. All mangled with heavy effect processing!
According to Hans Zimmer, Christopher Nolan described the BRAAAMs as “massive, low-end musical tones, sounding like distant horns.” Zimmer's BRAAAM came about as a result of experimentation.

Braams have been kicking around in movie trailers as far back as 2007’s Transformers and were used more definitively in the 2009 trailer for Neill Blomkamp‘s District 9. But even the creative team behind the latter — Carrie Gormley and Michael Trice of Create Advertising Group — acknowledge Inception‘s role in popularizing them. Says Gormley of the music in the District 9 spot, “It was fresh for the time but not something we were thinking would become a trend.”
Inception‘s composer, Hans Zimmer, has said in interviews that he is the godfather of braaams — an effect he stumbled upon as he tried to achieve a sound described in Nolan’s screenplay as “massive, low-end musical tones, sounding like distant horns.” In 2013, Zimmer told Vulture he made the sound by putting “a piano in the middle of a church and I put a book on the pedal, and these brass players would basically play into the resonance of the piano. And then I added a bit of electronic nonsense.” Zimmer added that he found it “horrible” that he had inadvertently created a “[musical] blueprint for all action movies.”