How to make your video sounds cinematic in 15 minutes...

Hi, friends and fellow content creators!
I wanted to showcase in this video how you can use The Everything SFX's Bundle to create a cinematic feel in only 15 minutes of sound design work.

First, take a look at the video:


This was my 15 minutes workflow:
Working with sound design should be fun and not take a lot of time. So this was a test to see how fast and effective I could make a proper sounding short video.

1 - I imported The Everything SFX's Bundle into my editing software. For this video, I've used Adobe Premiere Pro on a MacBook Pro in my home office. No more fuzz... just standard gear you can hook up anywhere.

2 - First, I created a mood for the story with SFX's from the "Harmonic" folder. Here you can find a lot of "sound beds" or mood creating pads that will bring a feel and tone to your story. I wanted to make it mellow and dreamy.

3 - Then I added impacts from the "Massive Impacts" folder to create urgency, and I layered this with melodic hits and booms from the "Hits" folder. To create a pull effect to the next frame, I added risers and reverse tensions that create a powerful crescendo pulling the viewer into the nest frame.

4 - To melt it all together and make the video sound even bigger, I added a lot of whooshes from the; Dark, Long, and Delay Whooshes folders.

5 - Then, I imported my video content and started pasting it all together. Yes, I started with the audio. So If you already have your video edit where you want, it will probably take less time to finish your sound design using The Everything SFX's Bundle.

Good look with your next project.
Please send me a copy of your edits. I would love to see your awesome productions too. Create all day, every day!

All the best
Richard - Sound Designer


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All the best.
Happy sound design!